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Atlas Wood Products
2101 w lippincott phila pa 19132

Pictured below is our outdoor beer fest table – wooden picnic table.

wooden primitive picnick furniture 215-843-0313

Are you having a beach wedding, outdoor party, Bar- b-Que,outdoor feast, beer fest or rent a tent event.
Looking for something to rent different than your family, friend, neighbors, rehearsal dinner, reception, wedding or garden party.
Need to rent unique ideas on a outdoor reception like, wooden benches for seating try our bench rentals?
Need to rent nice harvest wooden tables not plastic wood benches no plastic chairs?
Do you like the look of simple country farm wooden picnic tables rental.
Then you might renting both the wooden picnic tables and wood benches in one from us.

High quality wooden lumber tables and wood benches.
Non Classic picnic tables style, built for durability. Send us your ideas
Ours tables are stable and assembled if needed.

PHONE        215-843-0313 


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

this looks great in the dining room wine storage box is absolutely beautiful! It has an authentic wine country look

WINE BOX WOODEN WINE CRATE Vintners stored wine in wood crates like these

Some designs have legs that are removable for winter storage.

We can store and refinish you fine tables for the winter.
Primitive Wood Park Style Picnic Benches.
Rustic Wood Deluxe Indoor Tables.
Rustic Salvage  lumber Wooden  Double Seat Set.
Great for breakfast brunch, lunch, or dinner on our furniture or beer wine and cheese.

Our Finishes can be hosed of with a garden hose.  Can easily be refinished year to stay looking new. specializes in handcrafting vintage, shabby chic, rustic, wedding deco tables. In addition, we offer benches, wooden planter boxes, and any other custom, rustic looking furniture you may imagine! Our designs go from country primitive to rustic old looking barnwood vintage farm tables.

PHONE        215-843-0313 


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pictured below is our  rustic long wooden farm table, for harvest dining.

We rent and sell long, wooden farm tables that add a rustic, custom looking charm to outdoor events and parties. These tables look especially at home or at outdoor weddings. Your friends and guests will leave the event wanting to know how you came up with such an original design idea!

Best of all, is that every item we offer is made of all primitive reclaimed aged old lumber. All of our furniture is for sale. Thanks for reading!

Pictured below is our  rustic long wooden farm table, for harvest dining.

Please click on the links below for pictures of what we do.

Nick Sucic

PHONE        215-843-0313 


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Spring summer and fall can be a great time to look for picnic tables for sale.  Wooden Picnicks Tables having brunch, lunch, or dinner there?

wooden cases, wine apple crates, which can be repurposed to serve a pretty purpose Best Home Decor Gifts Many Ways to Decorate With Wooden Crates .

Decor Wooden Crates, Fruit Crates, Wooden Wine Boxes.

To help ensure that you have great-looking picnic table. Getting one of our cheaper picnic tables for sale can be a great way to incorporate the “farmers furniture” aesthetic onto your porch or in your backyard. Since this look works around a rustic-slash-country theme, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a unique wood picnic table with matching benches.

PHONE        215-843-0313 


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Compared to box store furniture which can easily cost a couple of thousand, you can buy a wood picnic table from us for a few hundred dollars or less. You might get a piece that  has old wood with history but that’s good, that’s the rustic aesthetic for you.

Atlas Wood Products
2101 w lippincott phila pa 19132

Summer and spring can be a great time to look for wooden picnic tables. If you like spending time outdoors – having drinks coffee wine beer pretzels and cheese there on a wood table is great, especially on a great-looking wood picnic table.
Getting high end picnic tables mix the farmers furniture onto your patio porch or in your backyard.  This  works around a primitive aged wooden theme, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a wood picnic table set. Compared to brand-new furniture which can easily cost a couple of thousand, you can buy a picnic table  for a few hundred dollars or less with us. You might like our pieces that have the well-worn look, that’s right we are the place for old looking primitive – old furniture that’s the rustic feel for you.
We do Rustic Furniture wood working right here in phila, pa.

picnic table 215-843-0313

If you look at a lot of wood picnick tables for sale, you’ll probably find them in various colors and styles. The picnic table you find might not fit in with the rest of your outdoor furnishings because it’s too dark, too light, or painted in a different color. What we can do in this case is simple,  we can stain, paint, varnish or distress a finish it for  a few dollars. With us a little bit of money can go a long way, for a unique smashing piece of outdoor furniture.

unfinished wood furniture phila, pa 215-843-0313

Wooden picnic tables for sale come in all shapes and sizes. Some can seat a few people, while others can seat a dozen at a time. Some picnic tables also come with separate seats, while others have the seats attached. Before you buy a picnic table of whatever size, think about where you’ll place it first. The location of your prospective picnic table should be a significant factor when you’re shopping around for one. If you’re going to set it up on your porch or any other covered area, it may have to be a bit smaller compared to one for the garden or backyard. On top of that, you’ll need a waterproof and weather-resistant finish on furniture that’s going to be outdoors 24-7 – this will extend the life of your choice when you buy one of the many varieties of picnic tables for sale.

wood bench 215-843-0313

When it comes to finding the perfect wood table   furnishings for your deck porch or indoor patio patio or home,  unique style will be determined by the décor or theme you are trying to create. Many people like the look and feel of a country, european country cottage inspired home because it usually has a feeling of peace and relaxation, giving a casual, family friendly air.  Adding a wooden finished outdoor picnic table can do just that.

When you sit down at a farmhouse picnic dining table or walk into a kitchen and see the farmhouse kitchen dining table, with this kind of wooden outdoor country table and its benches you can relax outdoors.

Our  type of outdoor wooden patio furniture, comprised of mostly wood  tables and benches, is very rugged and will stand up to many years of use without showing the typical signs of wear one might expect with pieces that are more sophisticated. Country outdoor tables can be an ideal choice for families or anyone who is trying to create the heartwarming atmosphere of an old-time country home.

Our woodworking  pieces are becoming more and more popular, country or farmhouse look given by these old wood tables remains extremely desirable. Today, there are a number of great quality reproduction pieces that can be found in most home furnishing stores as well as unfinished furniture stores.

If you choose unfinished furniture, you will have the opportunity to finish all of your pieces so that they match and create a unified look throughout your home. However, if you are looking for wooden out door  farm furniture. The best ways to pick  this style of furniture is contact us.  With us as a  option, we are a carpenter who makes handcrafted custom farm tables we can help.

Regardless if you choose a new design or  our pieces that have been our unique ideas , you will be able to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home when buying a outdoor or indoor farmhouse picnic table

Furniture Rental

Browse our web site to view high quality furniture with styles to fit any budget.  Rustic farm country traditional  contemporary, you can shop individual items or complete home packages. Here at  knot just furniture .com we are commitment to customer satisfaction we make renting furniture easy we stand personally behind everything we rent or sell!

  • Ares Largest Inventory of rustic farm tables!
  •  In as Little as 48 hour you can have select furniture
  • Complete kitchen or dining room Packages
  • Personal Service Guarantee

You can rent custom type quality furniture solid real wood tables and benches from Knot Just Furniture .com at an affordable price.

You can rent one piece of wood furniture or a set of table and benches.
Rent Furniture for your center city Philadelphia Apartment?
Staging Furniture Rental we can help.
 We are custom handcrafting  and selling a sweetly simple primitive work table, longwood  farm table from the turn of the century look . This is are copies from farm made or country made piece’s we have seen.
A simple, stream line, rectangular top surface flows down to chunky, sturdy sides.
 A warm, rich patina and finish which flows throughout or work.
heavy rustic wood bench

heavy rustic wood bench

The simplistic lines of  our woodworking show threw out our custom tables, our handcraft skills truly shows itself in the functional overall feel this old time period. Use our solid wood tables as a computer desk, center island, or work surface. The possibilities are endless. Our  tables  look amazing mixed with extremely contemporary decor and so many others ideas.
Our wood tables and wooden benches are very stable and sturdy. We intentional show the wonderful minor wood defects and nail holes  which you could expect from  reclaimed  salvaged timber wood for  a old vintage furniture.

barnwood and industrial lumber

salvaged barn and industrial timbers

A little of our history.
Hi, We are the Nick and Charlie – The Sucic’s. We have found we love working old lumber and old salvaged wood. Being our father is a master e woodworker.
Possible offering the most varied inventory of different types of salvaged lumber old wood in the area, sustainable lumber for restoration, old wood timber for renovation, wood beams for custom, planks for stair treads, old weathered worn pallet wood and we do woodworking and old wood woodworking for new construction.
With lumber prices soaring, and deforestation is a rising concern. Yet millions of pounds of perfectly usable wood are dumped in landfills every year. Our Wood Projects shows how anyone can upcycle salvaged lumber or wood to create truly one-of-a-kind projects.
Millwork, planing, resawing, staining, custom rustic primitive wooden furniture and wood furniture repair we can do.
Located in Southeastern Pa, North Philadelphia off Allegheny ave, Near Broad st- Rt 1, Temple University, East Falls and Manayunk.
We stand behind everything we handcraft rent and sell since 1974.
Handcrafted primitive custom country wooden Rustic Farm Tables available for rent or purchase.
Our hand-crafted rustic wooden tables, country wood farm tables are individually handcrafted from barnwood type lumber and old salvaged wood from old city homes and industrial buildings . All of our wooden rustic tables, wood harvest tables, custom wooden benches and wooden trestle tables are made from locally harvested old antique reclaimed wood,old rough timbers beams and salvaged lumber.
Atlas Wood Products started as a export crate company & we still offer international craters services, (ex). Wood pallets, plywood crating, industrial wood, hardwood, special size crate, ispm15 crates, craters, ippc export crates, show crates, display crates, speciality crates, apple type crates, ippc crates, export ippc wooden boxes, wood wine specialty boxes, wooden pallets, wood skids, export ippc stamped wood.
To sum it up in one line “We are 2 sons of a master carpenter, so the woodworking business, home or commercial renovation-repair, wooden furniture, mahogany boat restoration, carpentry and millwork was second nature to us.”
Thanks for Reading
Nick Sucic

12 thoughts on “Rustic Wooden Picnic Tables Wood Benches indoor outdoor sales rentals ——- 215-843-0313——

  1. Chris

    Hi just curious on the cost of your dining room tables? Also, if we would like a more distressed look or darker stain is that possible

  2. Kristen

    Hello, I’m planning a small wedding at my home in Nj & I’m very interested in renting farm style tables from you. I live in Belvidere Nj which is Warren county. Do you serve my area ?

  3. Brittany

    I am interested in learning about the cost of your tables. I am located in Louisville, KY so you would have to ship (is that possible?). I am in need of a medium size dining room table.
    Thank you,

  4. Teale

    Could you give me a general idea of what it would cost for a 10′ farm table to rent for a wedding (obiously I would need a few) but just trying to get a general idea of the costs associated with renting from you as there isnt anything listed on the website. Thanks :-)

    PS … you’re pieces look beautiful!

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